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December 1, 2005 / Technical Discussions
November 28, 2005 / Technical Discussions

I’ve been coding PHP for +5 years now, and it’s great. But from time to time you have to delve into other languages and systems and “get stuff done”.

This post is going to list the resources I’ve found most useful – as a guide for others and as a bookmark collection for myself.

August 11, 2005 / PHP & Web Development

I love blogs, love reading ’em. However Blogger blogs have a major flaw in their templates when it comes to the links to the single page posts. Some of the templates have addressed it but in the older blogs the problem still remains.

Take a look at Spam Bank and you’ll see that the heading for every post is a link and the footer information includes the heading. Take a look at most other blogger sites and it won’t be. That causes problems when the posts are long, you want to make a comment, or return to read comments and it’s really hard to find the end of that post.

Well, read on for the solution…