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January 21, 2008 / Other Stuff

We are all used to the phishing emails that we get sent from “banks” and “auctions sites” – trying to steal your logins for financial gain. A new phase has started where phishing messages are sent via the private message (PM) facility at a forum.

The motive in this case is pure revenge, but with forums being used for trading, deals, and product promotion the trend is very dangerous – primarily because you believe you “know” the users, or atleast have some sort of respect and trust between you.

Lets walk through the steps.

August 22, 2007 / Technical Discussions

This is a big topic in Auckland right now as our City Council Elections are hijacked by a supposed candidate promoting his porn empire. It’s hard to separate the “no harm done” side of the industry from the exploitive and damaging side and to understand, in the long run, where to draw the line.

Aside from the obvious industry fronts of websites, movies, magazines and gadgets there are the rogues that exploit the demand for the product. I guess anytime you have something popular there are going to be people who trick and connive.

Take Captcha – it’s a great way to bot proof your website and unless

June 28, 2007 / Other Stuff

People who do business online frequently have their earnings held by pseudo-banks such as PayPal and e-gold. A problem then arises when the same people need their money out of these pseudo-banks or transferred between them.

The most common way to do it appears to be to find someone who is happy to trade. So A puts money into B‘s PayPal account and B puts money into A‘s e-gold account.

March 30, 2005 / New Zealand

The folks at National Business Online (NBO) have just rubbed me up the wrong way – completely!

They rang my husband 4 times this morning insisting that he urgently renew his advertising contract with them. He was busy and got annoyed by the 4 calls and caught my attention.