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August 11, 2007 / Technical Discussions

This is a hot topic at DigitalPoint right now as there is a bot working it’s way down the memberslist and doing bruteforce or dictionary attacks on the logins. Because the forum uses vBulletin it only gets 5 shots before there’s a lockout and it has to move onto the next member and then remember to return later. But it’s keen and has been running for a couple of days now. Reports indicate that it’s tried some other forums too.


September 11, 2006 / Technical Discussions

I’m on the committee of the WTK BMX club and we have a handful on the committee who need minutes mailed to them. That increases the running costs and effort but we can’t expect everyone in our worlds to be online now can we?!

So I had some information to send out and to prompt thought and discussion prior to a meeting. I happily typed up the email and sent it out to those on email but stopped short of printing and posting out copies to the rest.

September 3, 2006 / Technical Discussions

I’ve been a bit slow off the mark with USB flash cards as most of the files I need are either online or on my computer and I just don’t get about that much. However with some travel planned I thought I’d try one out.

First stop was the Portable Apps website to download

April 19, 2006 / Technical Discussions

I just got the latest Quick Business Tips email from Debbie Mayo-Smith and she always includes little hints and tips on email marketing. They’re normally pitched very, very low but Debbie is no fool so I was astounded by this:

December 7, 2005 / Technical Discussions

I received this email today from a blogspot user

Sarah, I’m hoping you have advice for me about my Blog. On my “homepage” Business & Technology Reinvention the adsense ads have low relevance to the content on the page. But when I open an individual post the adsense relevance is excellent (for example Winning Against Big R&D Spenders)

Given that most of my traffic comes to my home page I’m concerned that the low relevance ads dilute the focus of my Blog. Do you have any advice or suggestions to improve?


Google, via it’s MediaPartners bot and Googlebot, are very effective at reading a page, nutting out the essence of it and returning the correct ads.

They seem to have a blindspot, though, when it comes to blogs which use Blogger or Blogspot blogs – as these seem to attract more than their fair share of ads for other blogging systems.

September 15, 2005 / Technical Discussions

I just received a sternly worded email from “eBay” of which I am not a registered user. Out of curiousity I decided to view the source of the email and see which tricks this nasty Phisher had employed

August 3, 2005 / Technical Discussions

The old “warn your friends” emails seem to be doing the rounds again. So before you send me emails with garbled context like this consider if the virus is really the problem or if your own system is making it harder for you to detect them…

June 29, 2005 / Technical Discussions

Been getting pesky email spam lately. Especially all those Phishing emails? View the source of the email and post the real info about the spammers here.

An example is this email I got today