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I just got the latest Quick Business Tips email from Debbie Mayo-Smith and she always includes little hints and tips on email marketing. They’re normally pitched very, very low but Debbie is no fool so I was astounded by this:

Fabulous feature in Outlook only 1 in 10,000 would know

Give me a slap on the head!
“Here she is, she wrote a book on using Outlook and she didn’t know this!!!!”

When you click open a contact, the general tab is the one you view. There are 4 other tabs: Details, Activites, Certificates, All Fields.

If you click on the “ACTIVITIES TAB” in an Outlook contact (not Outlook Express), It will start listing all the email, task, appointment (etc) activities you have had with that individual – and it shows you what folder they are in. Wowwwweeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie, you’re kidding right? You didn’t know about activities? Can’t tell you how often that little feature has saved my skin and made finding an email so much easier.


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