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With great amusement I noted that Digitalpoint have upgraded their forum and turned on the social networking side of vBulletin and I had a swag of “friend requests” waiting for me.

It reminded me of an incident this week when I recieved a Facebook friend request from someone who was instrumental in an accusation of professional misconduct directed toward me last year. After the guys at Computer Forensics had done their job they they had also shown who was in the wrong.

Now why, oh why, would this chap suddenly want to be “my friend”. We don’t talk, meet face to face or have business dealings? I can think of only two reasons.

October 21, 2008 / Other Stuff

SuperStock isn’t a site I’d visited before but they appear to be one of the bigger stock photography companies on the web. Right now I’m following a case where a guy used one of their images without permission (or paying, I’d guess). The image has been removed but he also checked online to see if he was doing the right thing. Unsurprisingly he didn’t get much sympathy.