The Generation Gap that swallows you whole!

An SOS went out today from a young BMX racer via Facebook that his website had been hacked. I took a look at and the first thing that struck me was that it wasn’t a typical hacking… closer inspection of the Facebook messages showed that there was some sort of conflict between Marc and “RMC” – the original site developer.

A few hours later and Marc’s site is back to normal, but with a new post of midget porn dedicated to RMC.

Now I’ve met both these guys and RMC runs (owns?) a large bike store across town. I’m guessing amongst his mates he has a reputation as a prankster (although there will be a hipper name these days).

Marc made it to the Olympics in his chosen sport and it’s a tough sport where you need as much of a mental edge as with any other. I race BMX too and there’s something very special about it and the people

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