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February 25, 2016 / Social Media

It’s a new academic year in the Southern Hemisphere and so we begin a new round of Social Media Safety lessons.

Social Media Safety - Hans Moore 2016

They exhaust me – both in their naivety¬†and in the willingness of others to like the post and therefore preach a message they themselves haven’t taken on board.

What would be of greater value is for the schools to get the kids to find the posts just like this one that have been made and catalogue the relative success of the posts and to distill what any changes might mean.

Questions I’d like the kids to be asking:

December 6, 2006 / Technical Discussions
June 8, 2006 / Other Stuff

Sunsilk have harnessed the power of the chat bot with a range of Wingmen. All very Top Gun, I reckon.

Wingman: David Hassle

According to their pop-quiz my perfect man is David Hassle [chat with MY wingman]. In theory, perhaps, after all I grew up on Kit and Knight Rider… According to a MySpace page they’ve set up he’s only 18. Now we’re talking!

I don’t know if it will catch on with my age group but the kids who love tamagotchis will probably love this.

May 11, 2006 / New Zealand
August 15, 2005 / New Zealand
June 10, 2005 / New Zealand

Relative newcomers to the gourmet Pizza Wars are Hell Pizzas. I’ve never tried one after initial bad feedback on our local store but they’ve probably raised their game by now.

They’ve set up a poll to judge how people feel about our local politicians which is very clever – take a look, although if you’re not from New Zealand it won’t mean much.