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June 22, 2016 / Social Media

There’s a mobile game I like playing called Ruzzle, I have the paid version and I’m aware that publishers find the paid versions less profitable than the free versions with ads, but still!

Last week Ruzzle started a permanent promotion to win coins which can be used in their weekly tournaments to increase your score. I took a look and discovered you have to play matches against a bot called “Wordbrain” who, quite frankly, doesn’t have a brain. Playing against it is so boring that you play for half the time and can then stop and still win by a healthy margin.

June 9, 2016 / Social Media

Well this is a bit spooky and for once I think facebook is pushing the personalisation just a smidgen (or a fucking mile) too far.

I just opened facebook and at the top of the screen is the “What’s on your mind” box – but smack in the middle of it is a promo for a game that is currently playing.

Facebook promoting the Warriors versus the Cavaliers

February 25, 2016 / Social Media

It’s a new academic year in the Southern Hemisphere and so we begin a new round of Social Media Safety lessons.

Social Media Safety - Hans Moore 2016

They exhaust me – both in their naivety¬†and in the willingness of others to like the post and therefore preach a message they themselves haven’t taken on board.

What would be of greater value is for the schools to get the kids to find the posts just like this one that have been made and catalogue the relative success of the posts and to distill what any changes might mean.

Questions I’d like the kids to be asking:

February 7, 2014 / Social Media

I recently had a really interesting experience with facebook. I made a post on a company’s facebook page that was, perhaps, incendiary, the other party certainly thought so and took an extremely heavy handed approach. I’d tried to word my post so that a positive spin could be taken – I wanted the company to come out smelling of roses, that would have been a win-win.

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