Oh Ruzzle, what have you done?

There’s a mobile game I like playing called Ruzzle, I have the paid version and I’m aware that publishers find the paid versions less profitable than the free versions with ads, but still!

Last week Ruzzle started a permanent promotion to win coins which can be used in their weekly tournaments to increase your score. I took a look and discovered you have to play matches against a bot called “Wordbrain” who, quite frankly, doesn’t have a brain. Playing against it is so boring that you play for half the time and can then stop and still win by a healthy margin.

I was curious about how the competition was structured so I stuck it out and discovered that you only get to go in the draw by posting on twitter and facebook promoting Ruzzle. Now I’d have been happy to do that if they hadn’t already made me jump through hoops. I guess it will work but it would be interesting to see the performance stats from those brought in.

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