Facebook takes a step too far!

Well this is a bit spooky and for once I think facebook is pushing the personalisation just a smidgen (or a fucking mile) too far.

I just opened facebook and at the top of the screen is the “What’s on your mind” box – but smack in the middle of it is a promo for a game that is currently playing.

Facebook promoting the Warriors versus the Cavaliers

Until a couple of days ago I’d have had no clue that that was an NBA game although the little basketball icon may have prompted me. To me, the Warriors are our local rugby league team.

The freaky bit comes about purely because 2 days ago I moderated this thread over at digitalpoint. The thread had been misplaced so I moved it and added the [NBA] at the beginning.

NBA thread on digitalpoint

BrokenHeartedAnd that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the full extent of my online activity with regards to the NBA and teams called the Warriors. You might see posts of Cavaliers though but I’m betting with the sophisticated systems that facebook have that they know the difference between a sports team and a dog breed.

What I’d love to know is if there is actually a link between that digitalpoint post and facebook’s suggested post.



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