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April 8, 2009 / Reviews

I’ve been a bit slack of directory submissions so it’s great to have the opportunity to review and catch up! The Global Internet Index doesn’t come cheap at $25 a listing and that will no doubt deter alot of submissions. On the plus side, if you’ve paid then there is less chance that your site won’t be tainted by bunch of broken links on the page. After all, who would pay, then drop the site?

GII is beautifully skinned and advert free – no adsense, no pop ups or pop unders, the difference is marked and appreciated.

November 29, 2008 / Reviews

I’ve been a bit quiet on the directory front lately so its good to get in and review one. Fruity Directory embraces it’s offbeat theme by focussing on the health industry and sticking to it’s niche. It has a bright and cheerful skin which I thought would annoy me no end (I’m no fan of white text on a dark background) but somehow it gets away with it. It’s only on pages like Honey is Healthy that it fails because the Island Ad is too big and it’s hard to read around. While ads are necessary and the blending is lovely – it’s actually offputting for real visitors I’d recommend borders and a smaller size.

The categories are clear and broad and have plenty of sub categories. Take health and fitness as an example. It’s broken down into a further 18 categories.

May 21, 2008 / Other Stuff

I had reason the other day to ask Yahoo a question about it’s directory and someone who was acting as an agent for the directory. I used their “other abuse” option on the contact forms to ask if the reseller was legitimate.

After a couple of days I got a reply focussed on spam. I replied hoping that I might trigger a human to actually read what I had posted. Given the delay in sending and receiving then surely there was a human involved? Computers are much quicker than that!

April 25, 2007 / Directory Management

I’ve just taken a novel step and am trying out two directory submission services. They’ve both taken a while to get started and yesterday I received a flood of submission notifications. Yay!

Buried within them though were some requiring a second step – click this link to confirm your submission.

November 18, 2006 / Search Engine Optimisation

I’m taking an unusual step here and using someone elses article – but that’s because CReed has addressed the very issue I’ve been asked about lately – Paid Links.

I’ve sold a few links on various sites, but I haven’t solicited them and I doubt there’s been more than 5. It’s not the business I’m in. But people do sell links on blogs, directories and regular websites. It’s a discreet form of advertising and can be a good way to get a high profile inbound link to your site. Some offer only SEO benefits, others offer human traffic.

So, if you’ve exhausted all the free directories and don’t want to get into link exchanges then maybe paid links will be the next step. If so, then read on.

November 7, 2006 / Fun and SEO Games
May 30, 2006 / PHP & Web Development

Well not really, but a DP’er wanted to know how to pull a random link from a directory and direct her visitor there. Not my style of surfing but hey…

You can see Surprise Me working over at Top 100 vBulletin, just look down the menu on the left hand side.

Here’s the code