Directory Contest twists it up

Mike Dammann has launched his own Directory Contest. It’s a twist on the regular SEO contests and it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

I’ve got two entries

  1. RealState for Real Estate has a Directory Contest page
  2. Property Investment Directory has a Directory Contest page

In both cases the links aren’t visible on the directory homepage and the links are 2 or 3 clicks into the site. I won’t be manipulating this as the point of the competition is to see which directories are serving users well and any large directory will have layers which must be delved into.

RealState has just emerged from “supplemental” status at Google and will hopefully stay clean.
The property investment directory has recently been upgraded and moved – and that causes a bit of havoc. Both are reasonably old domains so that might help.

Rather than testing the SERPs though, I’d rather he looked at the backlinks and checked to see if the search engines were registering the link that way. That would be awesome.


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