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December 3, 2014 / Reviews

Every so often you stumble across a site that looks like it might just be the legitimate face of a legitimate business but then you scratch the surface and, oh dear, it’s not.

myplasticsurgery1Take a look at this doozy. Plastic (ie cosmetic) surgery for Florida, Miami. Given the stereotypes for that state I imagine there’s lots of demand but I may be wrong.

I’d expect the well established clinics to have domains that use their names and that perhaps a keyword domain, such as the one pictured on the right, to belong to one of the newer, hungrier clinics.

This one looks good, it has a patient testimonial and info about Dr Bryant Michaels. Quite why he lives in Pennsylvania when he’s practicing in Miami is beyond me but my US geography isn’t too hot and maybe that works for him.

September 13, 2013 / Reviews

I attended a MTB coaching course recently and one of the topics was Risk Assessment and getting medical help. I usually ride in 3 forests with cell phone coverage ranging from adequate to poor to appalling.

I decided it would be useful to find a tool that could map out the forests and give us an indication of where the signal is strongest. I checked out the app store and found “Coverage Map” from RootMetrics (available on Android too). If there are other tools that I missed please let me know.

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February 11, 2010 / Reviews

The Tinnitus BookThats the latest tweet from Mark, author of The Tinnitus Book. I have a mild ringing in my ears all the time – so I can totally sympathise with the real sufferers!

Mark tells me he wrote the book himself – the result of being afflicted with tinnitus and making the best of a bad situation. His book sells via ClickBank so it’s a safe, secure transaction for those who wish to buy.

I may be a little hasty prodding around on the site as their are many sections which are incomplete but it promises to be a useful source of information with articles, letters and a forum.

May 19, 2009 / Reviews

My days of being hugely interested in pregnancy are long over – nowadays you’ll find me offering congratulations, remembering warmly but being grateful that those days are over.

So, it was interesting to review “Best Pregnancy Tips“. The site is amazingly well stocked with a variety of articles, appropriate images and it passes the copyscape test. The articles I read appeared to be focussed on the layman reader and reasonably accurate.

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April 8, 2009 / Reviews

I’ve been a bit slack of directory submissions so it’s great to have the opportunity to review and catch up! The Global Internet Index doesn’t come cheap at $25 a listing and that will no doubt deter alot of submissions. On the plus side, if you’ve paid then there is less chance that your site won’t be tainted by bunch of broken links on the page. After all, who would pay, then drop the site?

GII is beautifully skinned and advert free – no adsense, no pop ups or pop unders, the difference is marked and appreciated.