Global Internet Index – now there’s a lofty goal!

I’ve been a bit slack of directory submissions so it’s great to have the opportunity to review and catch up! The Global Internet Index doesn’t come cheap at $25 a listing and that will no doubt deter alot of submissions. On the plus side, if you’ve paid then there is less chance that your site won’t be tainted by bunch of broken links on the page. After all, who would pay, then drop the site?

GII is beautifully skinned and advert free – no adsense, no pop ups or pop unders, the difference is marked and appreciated.

The directory claims to be human edited but a bit more care needs to be taken with descriptions (see below) but that said, I wouldn’t like to be editing a directory is my second language.

Here you won’t find specific information about health, food, Politics Sports etc. Here you will find my all those little thoughts which may include all the above excluded categories also. So you will find what I like writing here.

Human editing should also mean that misplaced submissions are moved. People may be paying but that doesn’t give them the right to be whereever they want does it?

Consider Real Estate Consultant, with it’s 5 current listings. Only 1 would actually make it past my criteria to be a consultant. The others are realtors or listing sites. I tend to focus on real estate btw because I know it well and submissions are often spammy – a good opportunity to see how rigorous the editing is 🙂

The search function doesn’t appear to be working as searches for realtor, real estate and estate all came up with no results despite pages such as Florida Real Estate Agents and Brokers having suitable candidates.

There are a few broken scripts when the page loads, this is because they are linked relative to the current location and not relative to the root directory. It’s a quick change to the template and would help the load times.

This is a directory with alot of potential. It looks great, it has a well thought out category structure and a motivated owner.


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