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It’s always interesting for one tech blogger to check out another… in this case Amit’s Tech Blog. There’s the whole definition of tech to consider: how strictly does the blog stick to the subject matter? Just what type of tech articles are covered.

Amit Bhawani's tech blogOne of Amit’s most recent posts relates to the Indian elections – off topic but a very big deal at the moment. Staggered elections because the country is so big! Who would have thought! Any Indian blogger worth his salt will be blogging on this and Amit’s post is well written and interesting.

Overall Amit is a prolific blogger and the posts are diverse, and of interest to the general tech population. From the oh-so-hyped Twitter (Make Money with Twitter) and the ever useful Limewire (LimeWire Review & Info Guide).

The posts are littered with mouseover ads which I don’t like and the adsense blogs are placed above the fold which is also problematic. Balancing the need to get a return on investment from a blog (especially one so well maintained) and to keep readers is incredibly tricky and it’s unfair to object to all advertising. Getting that balance right though is essential and I’d like to see the island ad at the top of the posts replaced with a skyscraper running down the side or a banner sitting in the middle.

At the bottom of the page there are links to Amit’s other blogs – all kept separate depending on their content. He appears to write all his own posts which is smart and makes the content genuine and more targetted to his audience. You can easily lose a couple of hours on your first visit – this blog has alot to offer.


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  1. newbie
    April 23, 2009

    amit doesnt write all his article by himself !

    he was paying some guy in Dp to write for him
    so most of his blog is outsourced !

    anyways his blog is useful
    that s what matters

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