celebrates all the Mutts

Any website that covers cute dogs is bound to be a hit, right?

My little guy is a cross between a smooth haired fox terrier and a wire haired fox terrier. The result is a rough coated, even tempered bundle of energy.

I found All which discusses the different (designer?) cross breeds and how they turn out. Results will obviously differ as different dogs will pick up different traits. I’ve met two full siblings of my dog (different litters) and while the resemblence was clear their coats were totally different. The other two were much, much hairier.

The site runs on WordPress recognising its merit as a content management system and not just a blogging tool. Each pedigree breed is given its own category so you can click the breed, eg Labrador Retriever and read info about different crosses. The categories could do with an introduction at the top of the page (ie category description) with info about the pedigree but that could just be me since down in NZ we have Labradors and Golden Retrievers and consider them to be distinct breeds.

The Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix cracks me up. Both breeds are feisty so you’d have to think the result would be about as sane/safe as the baby seal they are visually compared to.

“Does the guy in this picture look like a baby seal or what? Its not a baby seal, its a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix.”

The content of the site finds a good balance between stuffing it full of keywords and writing readable text.

Oh, and you can find them on twitter too 🙂!/allmutt

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