When a plane’s inflight systems crash…

We were lucky enough to recently have a long holiday to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore flying Malaysian Airlines. And great they were too.

My boy had heard that the planes all had games and we’d checked online to see that some of the planes had them but not all so some serious “conditioning” went on just incase he had a 10 hour flight with no toys.

We got lucky, both on the flight out and home again. But on the flight out there were all sorts of issues with the flight crew rebooting the inflight entertainment system several times and individual consoles crashed constantly.

I was impressed to see they were using linux but unimpressed with how the system couldn’t cope with it’s workload. We didn’t have the “on demand” version and that should have been simpler.

The concept was great and once they get it working right it’ll be wonderful. In the meantime I was left hoping that the inflight systems used by the pilots were more robust!


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