Check Directory Submissions for a second step…

I’ve just taken a novel step and am trying out two directory submission services. They’ve both taken a while to get started and yesterday I received a flood of submission notifications. Yay!

Buried within them though were some requiring a second step – click this link to confirm your submission.

That’s fantastic – ensures that bots have a harder time getting into your queues and the software manages the two steps.

However… if you are submitting to alot of directories, or are using a submission service you will still need someone to check all those emails and click those links. Hardly onerous, but essential!

I know in the past I’ve largely ignored those emails. I imagine they’ll be used more and more, and I’ll be looking out for them!


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  1. April 27, 2007

    Hi Sarah!

    This is Eric Blackwell from REW / DP et al…great post. I saw your link to this on your DP profile and clicked.

    I tried using a directory submission service that did nothing for me. If these folks are good, do you mind sharing their info and I’ll send some business their way…I am happy to do the second step–would like to get Step One off my back though…

    Hope all is well in NZ…


  2. June 15, 2007

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    Thank you for your answer and greetings.

  3. Mateo
    July 29, 2007

    I’ve actually always wondered if the second step is doing something other than just protecting from bots. Maybe not as safe as we may think.

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