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I caught up, quite by chance, with a woman I used to know pre-children and we were discussing the divergent paths our lives had taken. She was a graphic designer back then and now works outside that field in a small NZ city.

We got talking about how she might restart her graphics career without the commitment of a job, or a CV to assist her to get one. One of the options I suggested was selling her services online via the forums where there are frequent requests for logos and contests. The end result may not be great money but it’s a great way to get yourself known and build a CV.

Along the same lines there’s Ben, one of the nicest kids I know who happens to be quite arty. Currently he’s sticking to paper designs but as soon as he’s ready for computer art I know that he’ll do well online too. What a great way to supplement your student income!

Some real life examples:

  1. cobano decided to give away free logos and his work was excellent. With a non existant brief he was able to quickly throw up a logo for my real estate directory that fitted with the existing design and site. Check out his Globalwarming Awareness2007 blog.
  2. Another user gave away caricatures of members – and very clever they were too. He went from being a total unknown to being a “name” in no time – all for doing something he probably found quite easy. I can’t find the thread anymore but if I do I’ll post it as a great example.


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  1. samantha pia
    April 24, 2007

    banned by a rep gang run by sundaybrew who used zerosleep and abused crazy_rob wow dont you just love DP?
    the 1st ever msn convo with sundaybrew 6 weeks ago:
    Session Start: Friday, March 02, 2007
    samantha( Joe – Sundaybrew (
    [04:36:06 AM] samantha: boo
    [04:36:12 AM] Joe – Sunday: ha
    [04:36:21 AM] Joe – Sunday: I USE that alot as well
    [04:36:22 AM] Joe – Sunday: lol
    [04:36:33 AM] samantha: me 2
    [04:37:02 AM] Joe – Sunday: some people on dp are just assholes
    [04:38:39 AM] samantha: yea i know, thats why i seem to have a standing rep, for 2 years, i guess i get some good and the same bad, so it equales out and i never move up or down, lol but i got 2 bars now and i am gonna try and keep em
    [04:38:54 AM] Joe – Sunday: haha
    [04:39:03 AM] Joe – Sunday: Just join a rep gang
    [04:39:22 AM] samantha: whats one of them?
    [04:39:38 AM] Joe – Sunday: you just create a group of buddys
    [04:40:28 AM] samantha: i aint into giving rep to every post i see, i think rep should be given to posts you feel for

    sammie xXx

  2. Mateo
    July 31, 2007

    Designing stickers is great fun and can be rewarding also.

  3. November 27, 2007

    I would suggest trying free logos etc as you suggested but also sites like get a freelancer and try and build a profile

    I started by doing free logo stuff for friends and building a portfolio

  4. November 29, 2007

    Yes like “Manny” says u can try free logos and i am agree with him about the freelancer

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