The 7 Deadly Sins

Relative newcomers to the gourmet Pizza Wars are Hell Pizzas. I’ve never tried one after initial bad feedback on our local store but they’ve probably raised their game by now.

They’ve set up a poll to judge how people feel about our local politicians which is very clever – take a look, although if you’re not from New Zealand it won’t mean much.

Vote who’s going to hell first

The options are

  • Envy – Helen or Don
  • Wrath – John or Winton
  • Sloth – Nandor or Bill
  • Gluttony – Rodney or Parekura
  • Pride – Donna or Richard
  • Lust – Georgina or Tariana
  • Greed – Dover or Trevor

It’s a very good way to get people to give their email addresses, I wonder how much marketing I’m going to recieve? And the only think I’d probably change about the poll is not to show the results until after I’ve voted.


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  1. June 14, 2005

    I hadn’t picked up on the fact that the prize was Bali (well I had kindof, with a shrugging, no ta) but not that there was an extra prize if you got your photo with Schapelle Corby. That, presumably, is because of media reports of backpackers treating her as a tourist destination. She has no rights to decline visitors so when tourists turn up she’s obliged to meet them – and I imagine most days you wouldn’t want to.

    So, it’s gimmick after gimmick and while the main poll is cute other parts aren’t. Big deal. But to heighten their publicity they claim to have been asked to apologise for their poor taste. Their rejoinder is worth a read at Scoop

  2. March 8, 2006

    Their latest billboard says

    I like the way you talk to me when you’re drunk

    gotta be a guy talking, surely 😉

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