We worry too much!

Ok, perhaps I’m contradicting myself because in my last post I was talking about the need to protect our young people but there’s news out today linking Milk and childhood obesity. Surely we don’t have to be worried about Milk?

You do have to wonder if Jeni Pearce is on a self-promotion binge herself but the figures show that it’s >3 glasses a day that causes problems. I wonder how many parents get that far into it and how many kids drink that much. I know with my daughter I’m more worried about her having osteoporosis when she’s an old lady than obesity as a child. My son loves milk but I’d still be struggling to pour that much milk into him 🙂

Dietitian’s concern over milk study

A New Zealand dietitian is concerned a study linking milk to weight gain in children will cause parents to eliminate the drink from kids diets.

A US survey of more than 12,000 children aged between nine and 14 has showed children who drank more milk were heavier than those who drank less.

However Jeni Pearce says the findings show nothing about how active the kids are.

She says three or four more similar studies need to be done before any hard and fast conclusions are drawn.

She says milk drunk in moderation should not cause any problems.

Ms Pearce says milk should not be used as a thirst quencher, but does have a nutritional place in a child’s diet.

The research claims children who drink more than three glasses of milk a day are 35 percent more likely to be overweight than those who drink less milk.


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