Warning over raising drinking age

The Hospitality Association is fighting to keep their cushy position safe as MPs see the light and work to raise the drinking age.

The main focus (see below) seems focussed on the drinking in unsupervised locations. From my experience on both sides of a bar it’s better to get younger kids out of the commercial environment. Even if they are drinking at home, in parks etc they are more likely to be with friends their own age.

I first went to a bar at 15 and at University would be regularly at bars and nightclubs – despite being 18. The controls meant that I could be thrown out, I knew that and made an effort to fit in and behave. I don’t know how that would have been if I’d thought I owned the place.

I totally get the discrepancies with voting, driving, going to war and drinking. I wouldn’t mind seeing the voting age raised, certainly the going to war age. Even the driving age is under attack and may raised.

I find it astounding that in that oh-so-liberal country, the USA, the driving, drinking, screwing ages are typically older than ours. Perhaps we have finally have something to learn by falling into line with Uncle Sam?

The Hospitality Association has hit out at a new move which could see the drinking age raised back to 20.

Progressive MP Matt Robson’s private member’s bill goes before the House again tonight.

He reckons many MPs are convinced the move to lower the age to 18 was a mistake.

Chief Executive of the Hospitality Association Bruce Robertson says raising the drinking age is not the way forward.

He says it will drive people out of licensed premises into unsupervised environments which is likely to end up doing more harm than good

Matt Robson, meanwhile, believes he has the numbers to get the bill past its first reading.


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