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A common question in the forums is

I’ve had an email from a company saying they will guarantee my sites will be indexed by Google within 7 days. Is this a good deal?

that would be from a company saying things like

Based on our research, G-Submit ensures that the vast majority of web pages will be included in the main search engine results pages of Google within 7 days of service completion. And the good news is that G-Submit is totally within the guidelines of best practices set out by Google, so you won’t be penalized.

Bollocks! Ofcourse it’s within the guidelines, but should we pay for it? No Way!

There’s no secret to being indexed (crawled) by Google or any of the hundreds of bots floating around cyberspace that you will neither know about, nor have reason to care about.

Getting ranked by Google for your keywords is a whole other story, but these companies are talking about INDEXING.

So, if you want to take a DIY approach to thorough indexing here’s the steps – guaranteed!

  1. Submit to Google
  2. Post at a reputable forum and include a link to your site, or have a signature link to your site. Here’s a list of hot forums. One of them is bound to be related to your site. View the page source and check they don’t add “no follows”.
  3. Get a link from a reputable site in a related field – maybe via an article submission or editorial comment
  4. Create a Google SiteMap and submit it, while you are there verify your site so that Google starts supplying you with crawl stats.
  5. Add Google AdSense to your pages, although their offshoot MediaPartners is responsible for Adsense indexing it relies on GoogleBot for the first batch of information – so GoogleBot will make a quick visit. While tests I’ve run in the past have shown GoogleBot (the indexer/crawler) will visit within 20 minutes your site will take longer to be added to the search results.

Within a week you should be able to search on Google using a query like this: (change to your site name) and see a respectable result.

Data Centres

Google runs many data centres/centers, these are the computers you actually query when you search. Given the huge number of queries every day no single computer or webserver could possibly cope with them all so Google spread the load. At any given time the data centres may hold different information so while a site may have been indexed and is showing in the results for a guy in California I may not see that for a couple of days down here in NZ. Even so, by following the steps above a new site will be visible within 7 days.


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  1. May 6, 2006

    Always avoid any SEO company that says they can guarantee you a top 10 or #1 spot…and especially any one that sends you solicitation emails as all reputable SEO companies such a mine will never try and soliciate services.

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