Won’t mail, shouldn’t email?

I’m on the committee of the WTK BMX club and we have a handful on the committee who need minutes mailed to them. That increases the running costs and effort but we can’t expect everyone in our worlds to be online now can we?!

So I had some information to send out and to prompt thought and discussion prior to a meeting. I happily typed up the email and sent it out to those on email but stopped short of printing and posting out copies to the rest. For starters it may not have made it to them in time and secondly at $1 a shot (printing, envelope, postage) did the message justify the cost?

But if there was no justification for printing and posting was there any justification for sending out the email version?

If one group don’t get the message, surely none should? Or can we have one section getting more information (and work and responsibility) just because they have a different level of accessibility?

Sure, the same could be said for one group that I might see more frequently and chat to casually. “They all get together behind our backs” causes ructions in any group. Is the email get together any different?

I’d appreciate any comments on how others view this!


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