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September 11, 2006 / Technical Discussions

I’m on the committee of the WTK BMX club and we have a handful on the committee who need minutes mailed to them. That increases the running costs and effort but we can’t expect everyone in our worlds to be online now can we?!

So I had some information to send out and to prompt thought and discussion prior to a meeting. I happily typed up the email and sent it out to those on email but stopped short of printing and posting out copies to the rest.

Perhaps those three were never meant to go together!

digg.com social networking site

Social Networking sites, and Digg.com in particular, aim to give users the chance to read the latest news, to vote on it and to share anything they’ve found.

They rely on group participation to provide content and to provide a reason to keep returning.

There’s a story entitled How much a digg worth? (someone is buying digg!!) where the following comment is made:

it is quite disgusting how people using digg for their own gain

And that in itself is comical. Isn’t Digg about gaining knowledge, gaining experience, gaining entertainment, gaining traffic and gaining exposure? Gain is the underlying motivation of every user who visits Digg.

Perhaps it’s just the taint of money that turned that user off?

Personally I’m unashamed that I use Digg for personal gain – it’s a great tool to keep abreast of the latest tech news – as judged by my peers – and to promote this blog. So for the rest of this entry I’ll make myself a case study.

I’m not a big user of Digg.com but you’ll find my profile at http://www.digg.com/users/sarahk/.