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I’ve been a bit slow off the mark with USB flash cards as most of the files I need are either online or on my computer and I just don’t get about that much. However with some travel planned I thought I’d try one out.

First stop was the Portable Apps website to download PStart, Thunderbird and Gimp.

Gimp is a revelation, as I’m a photoshop user normally – it was intuitive and very easy to work with.

Thunderbird I’ve used before and it’ll be a great alternative to webmail. Security is obviously an issue but we don’t have to save the pop3 passwords and we don’t have to remember to “go round the houses” – it prompts for each account password in turn.

I was planning to set a few emails up for forwarding. This will save me needing to do all that.

And best of all, my 1GB card only cost me NZ$40 from Compulink. The computer store in my local shops quoted NZ$100 for 512MB. Bond and Bond were NZ$70 for 512MB (but it did come with different faceplates from the Cars movie, would you believe!)


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  1. November 10, 2006

    Just cruising around SmartFTP (my fave FTP tool) and found they have a portable app to. You can read more at Portable SmartFTP

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