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June 16, 2006 / New Zealand

The Greens in New Zealand must be the most contrary political party of them all.

2 Elections ago they won huge support for their stand against Genetic Engineering and they painted a plausible picture of NZ as the clean food supply for the wealthy (and hopefully us, too).
After the election they were overruled by their coalition partner, Labour, and GE became legal. The practice doesn’t seem to have taken off but the door has swung open.

Sue Bradford - killing the Greens?

Since then the Greens, through long time activist Sue Bradford, has campaigned to see prostitution legalised and has a bill before parliament to outlaw smacking.

Now, by opposing these law changes I’m painted as monster who says that whores have no rights and beating children is ok.

And to add to my crimes against humanity I’m now going to drag babies from their convict mothers at the tender age of 6 months.

Well that’s the status quo, but Sue thinks that small children belong in prisons