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April 24, 2008 / PHP & Web Development

Microsoft’s .Net applications have failed to dominate the web world. Certainly there are alot of sites using it, and alot of very good applications built in it but the closed door, clip the ticket approach has blocked alot of interest. Add to that the lower hosting costs of PHP and you’re onto a winner with smaller enterprises.

Now Microsoft are announcing that their focus has moved away from the PC and onto the Web and that LiveMesh is their new baby. We’re yet to see what LiveMesh actually is but LiveSide define it as:

October 26, 2005 / WordPress

I took a rare look at the dashboard of my WordPress blog and saw that Matt Mullenweg was looking for beta testers for a new spam blocking tool. I was getting hammered by spammers and they were driving me mad so I emailed him and found myself accepted.

Akismet is the end result of that beta testing – and it’s awesome. I’m actually getting less spam as a result at the spammers can see that their efforts are going nowhere! Phew.