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April 1, 2010 / Technical Discussions
July 28, 2006 / PHP & Web Development

My attention was drawn today to another discussion about newbies and their click-n-fraud requests made on their own sites, along side their links on other sites and in emails. Google (and hopefully the other ad networks) quickly blitz these fraudsters and they find themselves without any advertising at all.

A quick search on Google comes up with examples like this:

click fraud example
It’s been reported and don’t expect to see ads on that site too much longer.

Now that’s easy situation, but what about when the site involves revenue sharing via a joint account?

June 23, 2006 / Technical Discussions

Back in the beginning of my web life, before OO and web frameworks and CMS systems and even blogs there were banner exchange programs. Being an honest kind of girl I never cheated the system but those who did used auto surfing programs to boost their hit counts.

The owners caught on and started tracking IP addresses and looking for trends so that they would weed out the cheats and reward the honest webmasters.

Then came paid online advertising,