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October 29, 2009 / New Zealand

While the Police scour the Helensville district for the killer white ute that seems to have targetted Dr Robinson and run him off the road with fatal consequences it seems time that the community embraced some of the “Big Brother” measures that could make our communities safer without creating civil liberty type problems.

One of our petrol station “brands” recently proposed scanning all vehicle registrations and comparing to a hot list when they pulled up the pumps. If you weren’t registered or had outstanding fines, sorry, no petrol. After all, supplying petrol could be seen as aiding and abetting. That alone makes the investment in the technology worthwhile.

Lets take this one step further.

June 10, 2005 / Other Stuff

I’m no legal gun but here’s a scenario from my ideal world.

I’m in a hotel, and I have a hissy fit and whack a member of staff with a phone causing injury and stress. The staff member has every right to do a job without being assaulted so the cops get called.

If the “problem” is a police matter then why does it appear to world that I can open my wallet and fork out $$$ to buy the police off. Ok, I’m buying my victim off, but I get 2 for the price of 1.

April 5, 2005 / New Zealand

In New Zealand we have laws stating the level of supervision required for children under 14. Should be really simple shouldn’t it?