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March 18, 2006 / PHP & Web Development

I’m working on a post on nofollows and created a couple of pages to test the concepts (therefore if you ever link to one page, could you link to both :), alternatively just link to this post and let the user click through.)

So you have example 1 and example 2.

March 6, 2006 / PHP & Web Development

A great many vBulletin forum owners appear to be unaware that their forums can provide an RSS feed “out of the box”.

This is a great shame because it limits the forums ability to grow and have visibility.

Now the naysayers will say one of two things

  1. I don’t want people stealing my content
  2. I want people to visit the forum and if they use feeds they might not (usually because of ad revenue)

The reality is that there are a great many forums out there all competing for the same users and you need to use every competitive advantage there is. In vBulletin it’s things like allowing users to subscribe to daily digests of posts to a forum. Pretty much the same thing result as an RSS feed but it’s turned on by default and forum owners don’t proactively turn it off.

February 28, 2006 / PHP & Web Development
February 24, 2006 / PHP & Web Development

I just saw a forum post asking the difference between -> and => and it’s one of those tricky questions to research, just how can a search engine understand what you’re asking?

Well, luckily the answer is quite simple.

-> is used by objects to set, get or call a method of that object.
Ref: Chapter 18. Classes and Objects (PHP 4)

=> is used by arrays to describe the relationship between the key and the value
Ref: Arrays

Here’s an example of how the -> is used in a class

February 10, 2006 / PHP & Web Development

I’m not sure I quite “get” GoogleBase just yet – in as much as Google is already indexing my sites so why do I need to submit my content all over again into this system… and who would actually use it to find stuff – surely the standard Google Search Engine is doing a good enough job?

I received my newsletter from the phpClasses today and noticed that there was a tool to make it easier to upload articles and information to GoogleBase so I thought I’d give it a try.


The code is still quite new and there are only a few options but it’s easy enough to extend and use. Documentation is needed and I’m sure it will follow. Given that the author appears to be Spanish I think it’s already pretty good.

December 13, 2005 / PHP & Web Development
December 13, 2005 / PHP & Web Development

CaRP is a “Caching RSS Parser“, thus it’s name. It comes in a variety of flavours but I tested the free version.

The only problem I had was that my host had safe mode turned on and that caused some problems in the “installation” – creating the cache folders but the manual instructions did the trick.

The scripts come with an install and example page. To get real value check their online examples which show how you can combine two feeds and take the most recent, for example.

December 13, 2005 / PHP & Web Development

I’ve worked with DOMIT! because it’s part of the Mambo and Joomla CMS systems so I expected this to be a doddle. Sorry, it wasn’t. There were 2 undefined constants and one code defect which all took time to identify.

There is no doubt that the code in DOMIT! is far more exhaustive than that of Magpie but, really, you don’t need it if all you’re planning to do is parse an RSS onto a webpage.