Using to parse an RSS Feed

A quick search on Google came up with this free service to intelligently parse an RSS feed into a javascript feed.

You don’t have full control of the layout but for most of us it will be more than enough.

  1. Go to the Convert a Feed page and enter in the feed name and set some of the values that you want, in our case the number of items and no description.
  2. Click on the Generate JavaScript button – a new window will pop up
  3. Decide which page you want to add the feed to and open the appropriate file in your favourite editor (mine is Zend).
  4. Add these lines to the file, save and upload![html]

    RSS to JavaScript[/html]

Personally I thought they were a bit greedy by having 2 links into their site, but only one is SEF and they do deserve some payback for providing the service 🙂


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  1. February 9, 2006

    Hi Sara,

    Going through some of your post – quite refreshing after reading all those SEO/SEM blogs 🙂
    I have wrote about similar service way back in July’05 a t The actual service is Feed2JS – I thought it was pretty simple, plus you can apply CSS to their code. Check it out.
    Recently I noticed a google backlink to my own site from theirs – that actually was the example page that I generated with their tool just to check it out. So, now it counts like a link from EDU site 🙂 Kinda double benefit 😉

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