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June 11, 2005 / New Zealand
April 27, 2005 / New Zealand

As you travel through life you bump into all sorts of people. The internet is great because it exposes you to a far greater range of people, it’s a shame that you’ll never probably get to meet them. It broadens perspectives and challenges your preconceptions.

So moving on. There’s a chap called Mike aka SiteTutor who puts himself about a bit and he’s set up a real estate blog. I’ve taken a look at his demo and asked him to let me have my own. Not that there’s much point really but I was interested to see what it was.

So, the Pt Chevalier Real Estate blog is up!

April 23, 2005 / New Zealand

I was checking out kiwi blogs and thought I’d support the kiwi webring that’s been setup. Webrings are an old fashioned idea to link similar sites together and I hadn’t realised that they were still being used. So in solidarity I thought I’d sign up.

November 21, 2003 / PHP & Web Development

What looks innocent often isn’t.

I was checking my logs today and noticed some unusual referrers and made a mental note to check what they were saying about me. I then read my email and saw a forum post about spammers with fake blogs. Out of curiosity I read the post. 50 plus websites & several hours later I’m much, much wiser.