The Neighbourhood

I was checking out kiwi blogs and thought I’d support the kiwi webring that’s been setup. Webrings are an old fashioned idea to link similar sites together and I hadn’t realised that they were still being used. So in solidarity I thought I’d sign up.

The code for the webring is just above the Google Ads.

Today I thought I’d visit my webring neighbours and I made quite a find. Ivan has a blog called “The cheap bastards blog” and he’s made a promising start.

Going back the other way took me to Jeremy Baker‘s site and that’s quite different with fantasy role playing stuff but he also seems to be some sort of leading light within adult education.

When my site was with blogger it too had a “next blog” button but the next blog could be anywhere, any language, any theme and so had little relevance. I’d doubt people use it. It’s nice to have neighbours that I have something in common with.


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