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Former Christian Heritage Party leader Graham Capill has pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a girl under the age of 12.

Graham Capill had (relative) power and prestige as the former president of the Christian Heritage Party, he knows the law, he knows the system. You’d expect him to know right from wrong.

Here’s a lovely wee quote from ’02 (the offending was in 2001 and 2002)

Christian Heritage Party leader the Rev Graham Capill says Christians need to vote with the courage of their conviction. ?We shouldn?t be looking just at strategy but should be looking at how we can use our vote to honour God and to change the direction of our country.?


?We want to bring New Zealand back to some of the Christian values, some of the time-tested values that have worked for New Zealand in the past, for the future.?

My heart goes out to the family, and to all those betrayed by Mr Capill!



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  1. April 1, 2005

    Graham Capill Coverage

    Below are all the news and blog coverage of the Capill story: TVNZ: NZ Herald: Former Christian Heritage leader pleads guilty to sex charge Stuff: Capill admits indecent assault charge GayNZ: Anti-gay Capill named as child mollester (sic) …

  2. May 26, 2005

    This is getting interesting. First up Graham Capill‘s being treated differently from other known paedophiles and now they are holding back his sentence because other victims are coming forward.

    From my memory of stage 1 law and Auckland Uni I thought that each crime had to be taken on it’s own “merits” and other crimes couldn’t be included. Or is that just for the trial and not sentencing? Hmm. Should find out.

    It’s inevitable that more victims will come forward, I’d have been surprised if his very first victim was the one to come forward. It takes such a huge amount of courage.

    David Farrar has uncovered this quote in Russell Brown’s blog

    I have to agree with the quote highlighted by Russell Brown, that “the more public the moralistic display, the greater the private demons. People who have true family values live by them, while deviant phonies incessantly talk about them.”

  3. June 10, 2005

    from Newstalk ZB

    Graham Capill is expected to face more charges when he reappears in court today.

    The former Christian Heritage leader has already pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a young girl, and speculation regarding fresh charges mounted when his sentencing was put off last month.

    A memorandum issued by the Christchurch District Court confirms Capill’s case is to be called this morning, but it is not proceeding as a sentencing.

    Police so far have only said they are considering new information, and made no specific comment regarding fresh criminal charges.

    With Capill appearing in court today, and not for sentencing, it is looking more likely new charges will be laid.

    The 46-year-old, who has already admitted indecently assaulting an eight -old girl, faced six fresh charges when he appeared in the Christchurch District Court this morning.

    The allegations have been made by two women, with the offending alleged to have occurred between 1990 and 1999.

    Charges include rape, indecent assault, and unlawful sexual connection; and some of the offences are said to have happened when the women were less than 12 years old.

  4. July 18, 2005

    A small followup. Graham Capill got 9 years and I’ve kept a low profile on this subject because I was believe I may know some of the info supressed by the courts to protect the victims and you don’t want to let that stuff slip.

    Well, the dirty old lech claimed in an email that it was consensual. Ok, lets consider that… A morals campaigner gets sexually involved with young kids when he’s married – that’s adultery and that’s a sin. Then there’s his age. Did he consider that young girls were suitable partners for an old man? And what about the Bible’s preaching on sex before marriage. Shouldn’t they have waited.

    He doesn’t fool anyone, he knew it wasn’t consensual, it wasn’t right and that it wasn’t even adultery. To be adultery there has to be something vaguely normal about the relationship. And there wasn’t.

    So Mr Capill, I don’t know what will become of you when you are released from Prison, but it’ll be sooner than you deserve and I hope your victims can grow into young women knowing you’re out of their lives. The youngest won’t even have left school by the time you’re released (if the 3year parole is right), and that’s sickening. At best she’ll have had her 21st birthday, have embarked on adulthood and discovered that some men are lovely.

  5. September 17, 2005

    As with most child abusers they will try to put the blame on anyone but themselves, I know I am a survivor of a large group of paedophiles in the UK.

    I had never heard of Graham Capill until today as iIgot a google alert in my email, so i decided to follow it up. What a disgusting, putrid, manipulating peice of scum a typical predator.

    Something I picked up on a little while back, this is not to offend but i have been told that new Zealand has the most child abusers on earth, is that true?

    Sarahk. Lets hope the girls do meet some lovely men but by my experience she will undoubtably have trouble with intamcy as I have, i still have troubel with it today with my wife and I have been married sixteen years and boy do i feel angry about that

  6. September 17, 2005

    Hi Kirk

    Thanks for the post. I doubt NZ has an exceptionally high rate of abuse. What we do have is an exceptionally high intolerance of it and it’s less likely to be ignored. Our justice system isn’t perfect but abuse isn’t overlooked by the police because someone is too influential, or invisible.

    Just as the internet is fantastic for spreading support via sites like yours it’s also helping to take a small germ of nastiness and feeding it into a full blown sickness – and we have a very high rate of internet availability, mobile phone use etc. The likes of Capill, though, exist in all societies and always have, we can’t blame modern temptations for their sickness. What we can do is support the victims and help those involved to break their silence and get help.

    Thank you doing what you can to spread the word and provide help!

  7. Tony Beard
    September 26, 2005

    I went to school with Graham Capill and his dad was the deputy head- the school – well known in Chch for being rather extreme in some of its religous views and also at the time I went for its liberal use of corporal punishment, soem teachers who will remain anonymous seemed to revell in this form of pumishment.

    It was not till in the late stages of the 6th form and early in the 7th form that I really began to realise how screwed up not only some of my fellow pupils were, but also some of the teachers- I would definitely add Graham’s father to that list.

    There is no defense for what Graham has done, but to be perfectly honest it comes as not great surprise to me (there were no indications at school, or if there were I was oblivious to them) but given the mix of the religous background, his fathers disturbing attitude to matters of sex (I will not go into here some of the bizarre discussion he led in 7th form classes) and his personality at school, there was always a fair chance somethign would go ‘wrong’ in Grahams life.

    Understand this he is an arrogant individual who is well versed at justifying n his own mind the gravity of his actions- I wonder at what control he hasover both his wife and children for them to stand by him, I know what the reaction of my wife would be (and any other ‘normal’ person) to this type of crime.

    The answer to Graham’s actions lie in his past , abusers are more often than not have been abused themselves…..

  8. October 14, 2005

    A quick update on Capill from the NZ Herald

    Convicted paedophile and former Christian Heritage Party leader Graham Capill faces being struck off as a lawyer after a complaint to the Law Society.

    Capill, 46, a former police prosecutor, is serving a jail term in for sex offences against three girls aged between five and 11 over a period coinciding with his time as Christian Heritage leader.

    What – he only “faces” being struck off? Surely this is a no brainer? Yet Capill’s supporters can still send out emails like this:

    Graham’s offences [snip] which stopped more than three years ago. The offences were not rape as understood from what I understand the Bible to mean, which is why Graham had such a concern about how to plea (as mentioned in the email that was leaked to the media).[more]

  9. […] I was driving home from last night listening to a radio journo on NewstalkZB reporting on the Graham Capill case. He was doing an opinion piece and mentioned that he’d gone “into cyberspace” and that people were commenting on the case. […]

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