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I have created a New Zealand (NZ) Directory over on my Botspotter site (gotta use it for something) and it even has an NBO category to hold all the sites that I found when scanning the NBO site which I suspect of proforma scams (see earlier post on NBO).

I was going to see if I could add them to my Property Investment Directory but decided to keep them quite separate and to use Duncan Carver’s script.

The directory system itself was a breeze to install with the only issue being, perhaps, the naming of the folders. You do need to be on a *nix box with safe mode turned off. It imported with ease and allowed me to get started with a large amount of content from NZ DMOZ. It gives a few key links at the bottom of the page and you’re required to leave them in place – no doubt paying for Duncan’s time 🙂 And I feel the default templates should automatically state that some of the categories will be boosted by DMOZ data.

All in all though, a big thumbs up to Duncan. Thank you!


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  1. CSR
    May 14, 2008

    Who is the owner of the NBO – New Zealand. Is the company making profits or just fooling people regarding their Business Listings. As far as my knowldege the business listed are fake they have never listed or paid anything to such listings.
    The busines names are been copied from the other website and earn money by calling them up for the renwal of their Business Listings. Fooling Business

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