419ers hit new lows

I work a couple of days a week for a big American company and have only used their email address at ittoolbox.com so I’m not sure where the spam is coming from but I’ve had a few 419 type emails. Here’s an extract from one:

This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not met personally. My name is Lars Terry, a business merchant in Indonesia. I was a victim of the TSUNAMI disaster that led over 174,000 people dead in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

Well, I lost all my family members and was seriously injured as a result of this catastrophe and currently hospitalised in Dubai, U.A.E. My illness has defiled all form of medical treatment and I only have about a few months to live according to medical report.

I’m sure your illness has defiled any number of things! but a Tsunami victim with millions of US dollars in his account? Sorry but I’ve been to Java (although not Aceh) and I seriously doubt any victim just happened to have all that money sitting around.

The rest of the email followed the standard 419 script so I’m not going to lose any sleep over it but I’ve been astounded at the variety of 419 emails I’ve received lately, they’ve spread their wings and are exploiting every real or imagined disaster.

There are two possible benefits of this email being sent

  • We will be reminded of the impact of the tsunami and will continue to hound the affected countries to divert funds from their military and into helping their own people
  • We will become increasing immune to these claims and less likely to be sucked in

Ref: 419 eater forum


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