A harmless drunk?

Police told her the intruder was probably drunk and had no intention of taking her baby.

According to the The New Zealand Herald a young woman was sleeping on the sofa at her in-laws with her 5 week old baby when she woke at 3am to find a man walking out with the baby. When confronted he then had a conversation with the woman about whether it was her baby, the source of it’s name and so on. He then used the toilet and was confronted by her mother in law.

All very strange and then the police discount it as the actions of a harmless drunk. Sorry! This is downright scary, and scarier too because the police aren’t taking it seriously. They say he had no intention of taking the baby – of course he did, he already had and was only stopped by the mother, not because he knew better or changed his mind.

At best the man has a baby who has died and he’s not coping so should be offered support and help.
At worst he’s a nutter and will continue to behave like this until someone gets hurt.

Personally if any man wandered into my house at 3am – even if I left every door in the place open – and started to interfere with my children I’d expect the full protection of the police to sort the situation out.


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