Screen Sharing, PDF creation… Adobe steps up!

Adobe have launched a whole new suite of tools but the most exciting for me is the online pdf creation and screen sharing.

I use a neat little pdf creator from sourceforge but I have users who aren’t as confident with some of the open source tools and this may be just the answer for them. You are only allowed 5 documents so that’s a bit mean (you can gobble that up just in proof reading) and you have to sign in too. But if you don’t mind the sign in it will be useful.

The screen sharing is what really gets me excited. I’ve used Microsoft’s tools, cumbersome as they are, but in certain environments they’re great. I never got the Skype version to work but from what I can see the Adobe version is quick and simple to get up and running and could be very useful.

Years ago I was supporting users in a software product. If I could have seen what they were doing, while talking on the phone, or if they could have seen my explanation I’m sure many hours of grief would have been solved. Even little things like using Windows Explorer were a nightmare at times.

Adobe have been the leader in some of these tools for years but have stood back from launching them as online services. It’s great to see that they have stepped up!


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  1. July 8, 2008

    Hi, you could try using Yuuguu as it is extremely easy to download and install for free and lets you share your screen, work collaboratively on documents and also has in-built global conferencing bridges for conference calling. Would be good to get feed back on how our software compares to Adobe’s Acrobat share. Any feed back then ping me on the support email on the site.



  2. July 8, 2008

    I’ll take a look at it – and it could be good for people I need to regularly share with… but Acrobat have a “trusted name” that is hard to beat I’m afraid.

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