Auckland hosts WordCamp, and aint it great!

When you’re a WAHM freelancer the first thing you notice is the lack of techies to talk with so it’s great to be able to break out and attend events like Auckland’s WordCamp.

I only made it to the afternoon session but the techie sessions were worth going to:

  1. An intro to HTML5 and CSS3 and why we should care 🙂
  2. Custom Pages – opening WordPress up to a whole new style of development
  3. WordPress Plugins and customisation

Some of the info was possibly a bit superficial but hanging out in the corridor afterwards with WP developers and guys from was just the thing for a tech starved geek. So much better than infracting fools at dp!

Great to catch up with Michael Brandon too, find out what he’s been up to and chat SEO.

I’m all set to have a play with the e-commerce plugin so I can quiz Jeffry Ghazally at his session tomorrow.


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