CMS developers – Google adds to the workload

Now that Google has created Sitemaps it’s vital for anyone writing custom modules or components for Content Management Systems such as *nuke or Mambo to also write a function to output the sitemap entries for the pages generated.

Consider my Raincheck site. It has a huge number of database generated pages which the standard Mambo tools can’t identify.

So Mambo needs to generate a script which starts the header, goes through each of the installed components calling a script with a standardised name, and then ends it.

My component will then have that standard script and it will know how to output the data.

It won’t be hard but it does mean significant changes to the core programs and custom modules. Even the tutorials like the Bare Minimum Mambo Component will need to be updated so it’s no simple request. I suspect that the CMS systems that pick up on this quickly will win favour with webmasters. Those that don’t will lose ground. I know that an inbuilt sitemap feature will be on my CMS shopping list from here on in.

Lets see which communities can rise to the challenge.


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