Crude and Ineffective!

Spam is one of those topics that gets returned to time and again. Well, I was just updating this blog and found:

Others Drafts?

“Huh? Other people don’t contribute to my blog. What’s this about?”

Well, a sneaky wee so and so had used WordPress’ registration system to “join” this blog and submit an article. I guess in group blogs there might be a chance that someone with the right privileges might actually approve the article and give you the exposure you crave.

Not me, mate. You’ll have to take your initiative and your spam elsewhere. If they system is good like the coop or Link Vault you won’t have to hustle too hard. Makes me think your system must be crap.

For the record, here’s a portion of the post…

The future for L.W.

It’s hard to believe that respectable webmasters will ever use the system and surely they’ll be damaged by the bad press as blog owners fight back?

The only options they’ll have will be to

  • Fade away quietly
  • Rename themselves and convert their existing userbase over to the new url

I just can’t see this system succeeding given the underhand methods of promotion they are using.


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  1. March 8, 2006

    You should disable registration on your blog. 😉

  2. March 8, 2006

    Sure I can, and I use Akismet to stop comment spam but I know plenty of blogs that require you to register before you can comment. Those site owners need to be on the lookout for this kind of thing.

  3. March 9, 2006

    The irony wasn’t lost as I was invited to reproduce this article at SEJ – and had to register and create the post, then notify the editor. But I was known, and invited.

  4. March 14, 2006

    Or…since you’re using WordPress, you can, in your Options, make sure that newly registered visitors cannot publish drafts.

    To do so in WP installations lower than 2.0.x, simply go to Options » Writing and next to Newly Registered Members, make sure that Cannot write articles is marked.

    It will still allow people to register, but it will prevent people from publishing anything to your blog at all (not even in draft mode).

    Sounds to me that this may have been automated in some way to automatically register/publish generic content as this doesn’t strike me as a blog that says “hey, sign up and start making draft entries.” My 2 cents though 🙂

    ~ Teli

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