Dear Google, It’s my site, let me scan!

I’ve just discovered the Goolag Scanner.

It’s a handy dandy tool for using Google queries to identify if there are any known holes in a website. Googlebot has already checked every crevice in the site, I just want to know what it knows!

Now Google, being all security conscious and that, gets a bit sensitive about you running these queries. They know that it’s possible you’re going to use the results to do bad things.

Google, however, have the solution at their fingertips in the Webmasters Tools.

When you sign up to Webmaster Tools they link you to a gmail account, internet usage and a number of other accounts.

You then load up the sites you want to monitor and verify your ownership of those sites by posting code or putting in the google file.

If you are wanting to utilise Google’s data to check up on your own, verified site all you should have to do is visit their webmaster tools and post an “IP release request”.

That would basically tell Google to give the OK to queries from a specific IP (the one you were on when you made the request) and querying a specific site. It would be short lived – you’d only need an hour – and would show Google that as a webmaster that you are also taking security seriously.

It’s such a simple solution, lets hope they do it.


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