Docapy and the law of diminishing returns

I’ve been using a crossword helper for a while, usually when helping my Mother with questions about French Presidents and button collections and Google fails to give me a sensible answer.

The tool I use is at

They have a little teaser on the page saying What is docapy?

Their answer includes: the feeling you get when you go back for seconds of something and it turns out not to be as good as the first time you had it.

For an ex-economics student it’s a neat way to encapsulate the law of diminishing returns… you know, how that first chocolate bar or beer is great, but the 10th won’t be.

Docapy has already made it into the Urban Dictionary – will it make it into the real versions? Personally I’d rather have words like Docapy being created that all that text speak that you see on the forums from the young ones who think it’s cool to abbreviate even when they have a full sized keyboard at their fingertips.


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  1. July 27, 2007

    That’s an excellent word. Although it sounds a little made up, that feeling does require a word to express that idea.

    Makes me wonder how many other ‘feelings’ are out there without names.

    Any idea how it is pronounced though?

  2. charli
    August 6, 2007

    I never thought about it, but there should definitely be a word for that! I agree with you, there should be more words created, not just “lazy speak”.

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