Don’t SEO too early!

I just briefly checked in on my property investment directory and cleaned out some of the spammy submissions and looked at one of the new ones.

I have a field on the form where members of REW can enter their username. It’s not required but people feel obliged to enter something. I make a check with an onpage link just to check their reputation and I admit to being amused when they aren’t actually members. It’s not a good start to the site acceptance process.

So, I had a site for a Miami realtor with the username given as lhaizza only that’s wrong. And the email is jump2top1@…. Such a boastful email, yet at a free email provider, catches my attention and sure enough, the realtor has outsourced the SEO to a design company.

And they’ve done a nice job too, until you look under the covers and the page is a mess. Why bother with SEO when the page is so poorly constructed?

So when you employ an development company to design, construct and seo a site ensure that they have the skills to meet all your requirements and go about things in the right order.


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  1. August 25, 2005

    No lie, most of the quick fixes don’t work, but every solid strategy does 🙂

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