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Over the Xmas holidays my children were introduced to Volcanic Panic a maths game from EdAlive. It was a great introduction to educational games that could be played by the 10 year old cousin, and my two – all at the same time.

Volcanic Panic

Baggin\' the Dragon

Both games have a strategic element with different ‘boards’ depending on the confidence of the children, gadgets to buy and an ultimate winner.

Even though my children were on levels appropriate for their ages I found the exercises in Baggin’ the Dragon more advanced than in Volcanic Panic and required more reading. Not a bad thing, but something that creates challenges for younger players. Volcanic Panic seemed kinder on a 5 year old.

They have been sending out a customer survey which included questions like “have you visited our website”, ummm, no… and when I did I found other games to download and trial and more information. It looks like EdAlive know their stuff!


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  1. September 23, 2005

    Last weekend I played Baggin’ the Dragon with my 6 year old and put myself on level 11 (top) because that seemed fair. Got slaughtered on questions like what is the surface area of a 10x10x10 triangle that is 25 deep and speed quizzes with what is 96 x .03! Dropped down to level 9 and did much better. It’s a long time since I’ve had to think about that kind of maths 😉

  2. Zac
    June 16, 2007

    How do you get Number up Volcanic Panic. Please I need to know because I really want to play it.

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