Embedding Flash the Javay way

Alistapart.com is one of those sites that has made a real name for itself. You know when you’re searching for something in Google and you get a list of results and you’re trying to scanning down to see which to try first, you see a favorite and think phew, I’ll be right with them. Well that’s how I feel about Alistapart.

So today I was having trouble getting a clients html detect script for flash to work with firefox. I could see the flash working fine if I just opened it, but not on the page. I’m no flash programmer so I went looking for help.

Google took me to Flash Satay, a technique using dummy flash files, well that part wasn’t for me. I have no flash expertise and I am, for now, quite happy to leave that technology up the to those with artistic talents. The article was older so not uptodate with the new browsers like firefox so I decided to check out the comments section.

There were 27 pages of comments for this one article and I didn’t want to wade through them all so started at 27 and worked backwards – to page 26! There I found Javay, a nice compromise of the two, and hey presto, up it all came.

The only tricky bit was knowing which codebase to use. I was saved by having that in my old, defunct script and used:


but you might need to talk to the flash developer to get the right one.

You can see it working at the Asset Magazine site.


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  1. August 15, 2005

    You rock Sarah!

    This site is FULL of awesome information!



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