Negative SEO or poorly implemented Social Media Marketing by FujiXerox?

Yesterday I found this new post over at Digitalpoint: Do a black and white multifunction machine really save the cost?

It has turned out, fairly predictably, to be spam but I felt like trolling so I posted a reply and let them run with it. All the brand new users who have posted in the thread are using the same IP address. What blew me away was when the inevitable link got dropped – it was to an official Fuji Xerox website.

That begs the question:

  • is someone really trying to do negative SEO against Fuji Xerox?
  • has someone conned Fuji Xerox into buying a Social Media Marketing package?

My next step was to alert Fuji Xerox that there might be a problem but their Customer Services Rep, Suki Chan, wasn’t interested because I wasn’t a customer of Fuji Xerox in Hong Kong. So much for international cooperation!

The lesson for the big corporates is that if someone takes the time to alert you to a problem that might affect your company’s reputation you need to take a look!


About the “people” in the thread:

  • JerryYip88 – appears to be the first time this username has ever been used. You’d think he’d have a twitter account or something?
  • Rosa_Chou – a reasonably common name
  • AppleApple111 – potentially turns up in TripAdvisor giving a negative review of a Spanish restaurant in 2014
  • cocotsang2345 – a couple of months ago she wrote a glowing article in Medium about Fuji Xerox see: Simple Tips to Reduce Cost of enterprise print services and a blog at of which all 3 posts are tagged with Fuji Xerox.


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  1. That was funny 🙂 It was nice of you to alert FujiXerox about the possible negative SEO, I can understand why they responded the way they did. Not everyone appreciates the importance of SEO.

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