Google slowly catching up on alternate emails

I have all my main email addresses listed as alternates on my account page. It makes sense to me and I’m happy for Google to have that information about me.

google-calendarIt’s been a source of irritation, though, that Google haven’t recognised those other emails when used within their apps such as Analytics and Calendar.

In the past when I’ve tried to add people as users in Analytics unless I’ve given their primary Google email address it won’t let them in. So, a few weeks ago, when I was asked to add a new user to a client’s account and was given a business email address I had no expectations that it would work – yet lo and behold I pasted in the email I’d been given and before my eyes it was converted to that user’s primary email.

So today my tech-un-savvy husband wanted to add me to an event (yay, party!) so I talked him through adding me using my  regular email address. Oh poop!

Google Calendar still falls short

Google still haven’t added a match of “other emails” in their calendar system.

I’d have thought that would be of far greater value to their users than adding it to Analytics – or do those users just make more noise?

Email addresses are like tattoos!

One thought for when Google does upgrade the Calendar email matching system – don’t automatically convert the email address on the screen, sometimes the gmail address relates to our past and not our present.

We can’t change our gmail address and ditching an account because of an embarrassing username is more work than most of us can justify. Sometimes we can live with it, but we don’t want it broadcast.


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