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As part of my role to post news articles up on the NZPIF website I try to add relevant hyperlinks to encourage people to find out more and to speak up when there are issues.

Some of the articles mention MPs by name and so I’ve tried to link to them.

People like the Hon Dr Michael Cullen. His page is at, so he is Minister #30. 30!!! After all the years that we’ve had governments in New Zealand and the website is only up to 30! A quick check and, yes, Helen Clark is #1.

But from an archival point of view it seems a shame that in a matter of months this page will be out of date as #1 may be a different person, #30 may too. Surely #1 should be Helen, in perpetuity, with the information about her terms in Parliament, the time she was Prime Minister etc so that we can review this information in the years to come.

After all when there was a news article about “Dr. Kaz deMille Jacobsen” and her claim to have been a NZ Government minister it made sense to do a search. Well I couldn’t find any information about past ministers that could tell me authoritatively that this woman wasn’t among their number.


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